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Resilient Management

Resilient Management book coverWhether your title is “lead”, “manager”, or something else: if you’re responsible for supporting and leading a team of people, Resilient Management is for you.

Throughout the book, Lara Hogan walks through how to create stability, clarity, and trust as you navigate the stages of group development with your team.

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The Complete Demystifying Management Program: five self-paced video training courses for managers!

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New Manager Care Package

We’ve put together this New Manager Care Package to celebrate and honor the achievement of becoming a manager, while still recognizing it can be really tough to jump into this new role. It includes:

Tools to help you introspect


Julie SchechterMeeting with a Wherewithall coach is like having a one-on-one with a manager who cares deeply about, and is invested in, you and your own growth.

Lara HoganWe're here to give you feedback, a gut-check, and most importantly, to help you to deeply introspect and find the answers that already live inside of you.

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